Ongoing initiatives

private contractors

A century, crossed by fashions, tastes and trends, leaving tangible traces of their passage.

From the period of post-war reconstruction, through the economic boom to arrive today, either directly or under contract, the FERRERI company operates in the private housing market.

A innate passion for building combined with an experience gained over time and in the field, paying particular attention to guidelines of the Customer, will inevitably contribute to reward the best achievement of the desired result.

... from idea to the turnkey, a focused service that passes through a deep knowledge of the subject and how the regulation, from individual apartments to get to residential and industrial applications.

The right approach to every single order, means that each intervention receives the right direction to end the best result obtained.

The possibility of organizing a design team to custom-made 'intervention to achieve.

FERRERI company, always careful to technical and technological evolution applied to the construction, use and continually update processes that meet the standards for seismic safety and energy saving.


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