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It all began in 1910, when the young Vincenzo FERRERI is going to work in Maurizio father's company, which is formed as Head Master enabled. Business activities in the field of public housing, private road began in the postwar period (1920), continues its growth since the postwar period (1945), with the acute and far-reaching participation of Maurizio firstborn that contributes to the continuing business development , to get to the 70 where, to Enterprise FERRERI Vincenzo joins Sons Company FERRERI Vincenzo snc

Over the 70 years of laborious work is reminiscent of the works of some road bridges, the most important state on the Mont Cenis executed on behalf of Civil Engineers and numerous buildings and civil house in Turin province. Fiduciary business as civil engineering works, some important hospital, where construction and expansion of several departments' s Hospital "Ophthalmic" in Turin, the work of raising, expansion and general arrangement of Obstetric Gynecology Hospital "Sant'Anna di Torino" The construction of the new University Hospital and several departments Hospital St. John the Baptist "Molinette" of Turin.

A culmination of a long and active career in 1965 Vincenzo FERRERI and the title of Knight Order of Merit of the Italian Republic.

In 1985 the 'Enterprise FERRERI Carlo gathers' s legacy, where Carlo, grandson of Vincenzo and son of Maurizio FERRERI, by following the activities of its predecessors.

Today, with sons Maurizio and Federico Enterprise FERRERI, in its fifth generation of builders, continues his work, believing in a system family based on competence, reliability and quality, deeply rooted in the City of Turin.

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